Financial Advisor Reacts To Daycare Costs, People Say He’s Completely Out Of Touch With Reality

Managing money in a family with multiple children is no mean feat. Parents have to balance saving for the future with giving their children the best possible life right now. A caller to money management expert Dave Ramsey’s show caused some surprise when he revealed that he spends $80,000 a year just for daycare.

A man called financial guru Dave Ramsey for advice when he found himself struggling to pay $80,000 for his kid’s daycare
“The caller: I’m expecting my income to increase pretty dramatically in two years, but in the meantime, I’m having trouble paying costs, including two kids in daycare. My wife is doing a medical residency, so in two years, she’ll be done with that and get a job as a doctor.
Dave Ramsey: Yeah, that will increase things pretty dramatically. And how much debt will you guys have?”