Family Restaurant in Udaipur | Best Places to Eat in Udaipur

The Kesar Niwas hotel is a leading provider of family restaurant in Udaipur that have a wide range of dishes and every dish is a masterpiece, artfully presented. The kesar Niwas hotel is a family-friendly hotel that offers everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay with your loved ones. Kesar Niwas hotel provides a variety of rooms & facilities like Wifi, King size bed, TV, Freez, Geyser, Hot & Cold water, Ghokda sofa, Tea coffee maker catel, Shaving kit all of which are well-appointed with modern amenities. Guests at Hotel can enjoy a delicious complimentary breakfast each morning. If you are looking for Best Places to Eat in Udaipur then The kesar Niwas is the perfect choice for you.

Family Restaurant in Udaipur | Best places to eat in Udaipur

The roof top restaurant in Udaipur does not merely offer scrumptious foods and an excellent view of the city. It has the right ambience that seldom fails to feed the soul. We have clients who love to soak in nature's bounty early in the morning. Also, we cater to families really looking forward to spending family time far away from the usual madding crowd and away from the recurrent pings from the cellphones. We have an exquisite range of cuisines to offer, making us of the best places to eat in Udaipur. There are native dishes that resonate with the magic that our chefs have created through generations. Our chefs pick the choicest of vegetables and spices and adhere to the traditional ways of cooking. They don't believe in shortcuts.