Embroidery Digitizing: Why You Should Use Custom Embroidery Patches For Your Business

Embroidery digitizing is a process that converts graphics into virtual needle stitch patterns. It is used in garment production and allows for precise customization of clothing and other materials with custom designs, logos, or images on them.

The digitization process takes the artwork from the design file to be transformed into stitches on fabric via a computer software program. This technology has revolutionized embroidered patches because it makes creating one-of-a-kind patches easy, cost-effective, and time-saving for businesses regardless of size or industry. Here are just some potential benefits your business could reap by using custom embroidery patches:

The Benefits of Using Custom Embroidery Digitizing:

Using custom embroidered patches allows businesses to benefit in several ways:

Cost Savings:
Compared with screen printing or direct sublimation prints, producing long runs at digital packages tends to be more economical as it eliminates production labor costs such as set-up charges and material handling costs associated with traditional printing methodologies. This can result in greater savings on short turnaround time orders while still maintaining quality results.

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