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Creating and implementing the HR policies is fundamental for fair work culture & positive environment in the workplace. In the early stages of any organization focus on product development, client satisfaction, sales, and revenue. After a certain period companies will give more focus on employee development, employee retention, and HR policies to maintain talent management.

Initially, it is overwhelming to develop a set of policies and procedures from scratch. Without hr policies or any general guidelines, it is difficult to manage the group of employees and everyday problems that arise in the organization.

Let’s discuss how you can develop hr policies

Identify the need for any new policy

Depending upon the business culture every organization should aim for creating policies that fit their needs. If your company doesn’t have any HR policies for employees exiting or being dismissed or any harassment in the workplace it may lead to legal obligations.

Developing hr policies based on the happenings in the workplace or current events like the pandemic, where many companies developed remote work policies defining the rules of work from home.

Where to start developing HR policies

The number of HR policies is critical due to common law or legislation. Some of the basic policies to be framed for the following topics

Personal information protection
Emergency Preparedness
Health & Safety
Workplace harassment

If your company doesn’t have HR policies for these areas, may arise legal issues. Consider any legal advisor or company that is developing hr policies to avoid the risk. Develop hr policies that are in line with the legislation depending on the company location.

Once you cover the basics, focus on framing the policies for the code of conduct, performance management, leaves of absence, flexible work hours, and travel reimbursement.

Defining clear roles

Develop a cross-functional team that includes leadership, HR, and other staff members. Assigning the work to a single person expecting results from him can negatively impact. While framing the engaging policies each person has roles and responsibilities. Several roles are involved in policy creation, communication, and maintenance.

Initiator: Who begins the conversation about policy between the leadership team and other stakeholders.

Writer: Who prepares the written documentation and guidelines

Communicator: Who gets the message from the team & responsible for periodic updates

Owner: Who is responsible for reviewing the policies with legislation

Wrapping up

Developing hr policies should align with the company’s goals and standards. Adapt hr policies as per the company standards and keep changing existing ones.

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