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A good quality medical facility is a basic requirement of a human being. As a medical provider, you have to apply for medical credentialing and re-credentialing at certain intervals in order to adhere with policies laid down by insurance carriers. This process can be time-consuming as documents are to be verified and tested by the insurance carriers.

National Integrated Healthcare Group assists you with your credentialing needs and makes sure that it passes all hurdles without any delay or denial.

We are providing a checklist to make sure that you keep them handy and updated to avoid any delay on our part.

Credentialing checklist

Documentation may differ based on the insurance carrier you are applying as every carrier has their own set of rules and regulations:

– Personal information like email address, phone number, etc.
– Medicaid number
– Medicare number
– Copy of National Provider Identifier documentation and confirmation letter
– UPON number
– Federal Tax ID number
– Copy of current Federal DEA certificate(s)
– Current driver’s license or passport
– Permanent Resident Card, Green Card or visa status
– Medical school diploma and training certificate
– Internship, residency and fellowship certificates
– Current Board Certificate
– Copy of active state license wallet card(s) and wall certificate
– Updated Curriculum Vitae/Resume with a complete professional history in chronological order
– Work History
– Malpractice claims history
– Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance Coverage or declaration page of the policy
– Military discharge record
– Case log from the last 24 months
– Copy of NBME, FLEX, USMLE, or SPEX scores
– Copy BLS, ACLS, ATLS, PALS, APLS, NRP certificate(s)
– Completed Locum Tenens Practice Experience Form
– Your ECFMG certificate number if a foreign graduate and info on Fifth Pathway.

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