Cold Chain Container Temperature Data Logger Model

A refrigerated container is a container specially designed to keep food fresh and keep frozen goods at a certain temperature. Commonly used to freeze goods such as meat and fruit. In order to better monitor and view the temperature of the container, a cold chain container temperature data logger can be used to monitor and record the temperature of the internal space, so as to ensure the quality and freshness of food.

Cold chain containers can maintain a constant temperature throughout the transportation process, effectively extending the freshness period of food and other perishable items. There are many types of cold chain container temperature data loggers. Today I will introduce an instrument that can both monitor and record, and it has an LCD display, so you can check the temperature at any time. Fresh Tag 10T Single Use Temperature Data Logger is a product that monitors the temperature range from -30°C to 70°C, and the green and red LED lights can indicate its different status, which can clearly understand the temperature of the cold chain container.

Cold chain containers will be more combined with other transportation methods (such as railways, aviation, etc.) to achieve multimodal transportation, shorten transportation time and reduce costs. There are many types of refrigerated container data loggers produced by Freshliance, which are suitable for users with different needs. Our company will also invest more technology and labor costs to develop cold chain container temperature monitoring technology, so as to promote the convenience of global trade and logistics.

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