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Cloud Server with
Wide range of Operation Systems
Fixed monthly rate
No hidden fees
99.9% Network Uptime.
24×7 technical support

What is Dedicated Compute Cloud Server?
– A dedicated compute cloud server refers to a virtual server that exclusively allocates computing resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage, to a single user or entity. Unlike shared hosting, this type of server ensures dedicated and consistent performance, making it ideal for applications and workloads that demand high computational power. Dedicated compute cloud servers offer greater control, customization, and scalability, making them suitable for businesses with specific performance and security requirements.

Dedicated Compute Cloud Server

vCPU : 8
RAM Dedicated :16 GB
NVMe Storage :400 GB


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Please find here with details of some cloud servers.

HISDGC3-12.32G – 12 vCPU + 32GB RAM + 600GB NVMe Storage
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HISDGC3-16.64G – 16 vCPU + 64GB RAM + 800GB NVMe Storage
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HISDGC3-24.128G- 24 vCPU + 128GB RAM + 1000GB NVMe Storage
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HISDGC3-32.250G- 32 vCPU + 250GB RAM + 1200GB NVMe Storage
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HISDGC3-48.360G – 48 vCPU + 360GB RAM + 1400GB NVMe Storage
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HISDGC3-64.480G – 64 vCPU + 480GB RAM + 1600GB NVMe Storage
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