Butter cold chain management, butter USB temperature logger

Butter is mainly used to make a series of desserts such as cakes and baking. However, we all know that butter generally melts easily at room temperature and is not easy to store. Butter manufacturers can store it in cold storage. The storage temperature of butter in cold chain management is different, and the shelf life is also different. A butter USB temperature logger is a common instrument in cold chain management, which can record and monitor the temperature of the butter storage environment.

Fresh Tag 1 NFC Disposable Temperature Data Logger is a more technologically advanced disposable temperature data logger. It not only has a USB plug that can be directly plugged into a computer to generate temperature reports but also has near-field communication (NFC) technology and does not need to be opened. The temperature in the recorder can be read by bringing the package, mobile phone, or tablet close to it. You can directly understand the temperature value and changes in the butter during storage or transportation. This can ensure the quality of the butter, so it will be easier to use.

Cold chain management is a very important process to ensure the quality and taste of butter. Using a suitable temperature data recorder can improve the quality of cold chain management and ensure the temperature of the butter storage environment. The USB temperature logger produced by Freshliance is of high quality, full-featured, and low-priced. Currently, it has a very good reputation among users. It has small errors and few faults during the butter temperature monitoring process, and is highly cost-effective!

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