Biological reagent temperature monitoring solution

Temperature monitoring during biomedical low-temperature transportation and storage is widely used in drugs, hospitals, pharmacies, CDCs, testing centers, and biopharmaceutical companies to ensure the safety and effectiveness of biological samples, drugs, blood products, vaccines, and testing reagents. For temperature monitoring equipment of biological reagents, a temperature data logger with probe can be used for better results.

Through temperature monitoring, temperature changes during biological reagent experiments can be recorded, providing a more accurate basis for the interpretation and analysis of experimental results. The Atlas Log-30 Multi-use Temperature Data Logger, as a temperature data logger with probe, can more accurately monitor and record the temperature of the biological reagent environment. Freely set according to needs, up to 6 alarm points can be set, which can remind technicians to adjust the storage and transportation environment temperature of biological reagents.

Therefore, temperature monitoring is an essential step when storing and transporting biological reagents and conducting experiments and research using biological reagents. Freshliance can provide biological reagent temperature monitoring equipment. The temperature data logger with probe monitors a wide temperature range and has high accuracy, which can ensure the quality and safety of biological reagents.

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