Best Tips To Take More Interest In Science

Tips To Take More Interest In Science
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1. Read And Understand
The first tip to increase your interest in science is to read and understand the topic. Suppose you start studying a particular topic, you have to first read NCERT book or your textbook a couple times.

Reading only won't do the job, you have to understand the topic because it will help you to learn that topic easily and if you understand the topic, you will gain more interest in that topic. Many students ( who lose interest in science ) do not understand the topic and take it as a burden to study. Understanding a topic is a very good way to remember the topic and gain interest in it.

2. Apply To Real Life
The second tip to increase your interest in science is to apply the topics you learnt to real life events, phenomenon and scenarios. This will help you understand the topic because it is easy to understand a topic if you know some examples about it. As in the above, understanding the topic will help you gain your interest in science.

For eg, You can apply the topic of inertia of direction to real life that is, (in a bus) your body moves in the opposite direction when your bus takes a turn.

interest in science

3. Relate To The Case
The third tip which most of the students ignore to increase your interest in science is to relate to the example you know. You have to find a relationship between the topic and its example. It is also the best way to understand a topic with examples. For eg,

Chemical Change : The change in which a new product is formed with new properties. Like, Na + Cl -> NaCl
This is the actual definition but to understand more clearly you can relate the example with the topic. In this case, Na is a metal and Cl is a harmful gas.
But when they react, they form a new product with new properties ie, salt, which we eat daily. This is the way to relate to an example.

4. Ask WH Questions
The forth tip which is the most easy tip to follow to increase your interest in science is to ask yourself WH questions. WH questions are questions like why, what, how, etc. You should ask WH questions to yourself about the topic your studying because our brain likes to answer interesting questions.

You should find the answers to these questions too. Remember you have to ask interesting questions to keep your interest regulated. For eg, You can ask question like

Is momentum only a quantity or a real concept ?
Can electron be divided ?
What is the real atomic structure of every atom ?