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The full form of TMIS is Training Management Information System. This system is being developed as a web-based application that will facilitate the monitoring and planning of skilled and trained... Read More

During the military regime, the Nigerian government established the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to engage Nigerian graduates in nation-building and development. for how to Nysc Portal Login, sign... Read More

Gilmours is a Newzealand based company that provides wholesale food and beverage items. For how to Gilmours Login, sign up, and other important details such as catalog, product price list,... Read More

The full form of ZPPA is Zambia Public Procurement Authority. It is an independent agency established under the Public Procurement Act No. 12 of 2008. For ZPPA Login, registration, and... Read More

The Marram Community Trust is a group of New Zealanders who benefit from exclusive healthcare and vacation accommodation benefits thanks to their generous participation in something truly unique. For Marram... Read More

Irembo is a public-private-partnership-based (PPP-based) eGovernment system in Rwanda. For Irembo login, registration, and use of all services such as Kuri Telephone, Track Application, and Traffic Fine, Kureba Code, Rishya,... Read More

e-Tshwane is an online platform designed to improve communication among the City, its employees, and ratepayers. This is a secure, free service that you can use online. For how to... Read More