Author: aakash

DLive is a live streaming community app created to support creators and reward community spirit. This real-time application works effectively on PCs with mobile application emulators. DLive PC App is a... Read More

My SAPK BKN is a government service application useful to all public servants in the performance of their duties. This community service application is effective if you use PC emulators... Read More

SIS Punjab is an official application of the Department of School Education that can be used to enroll students. This school application works best on a PC running Android applications... Read More

Careerwill App is an online exam preparation and testing app that offers services for various exams. This application works smoothly on PCs that use emulators to run Android applications. With the... Read More

DIKSHA is an educational platform where you can find very interesting educational material for students, teachers and parents. This learning application can easily run on PCs that use Android emulators... Read More