All about M | O | C Cancer Care & Research Centre

M | O | C Cancer Care & Research Centre (MOC) is a symbol of our commitment to provide excellent Oncology (Branch of science that deals with Management of Cancer) & Hematology (Blood Disorders and Cancers) healthcare services to patients suffering with these critical ailments. MOC is a brainchild of 4 cancer treating consultants built with an intention to provide quality and affordable cancer care to the people of Mumbai, Maharashtra and India. The very genesis of MOC is based on offering the best in the class and the most updated medical interventions at the hands of highly qualified doctors in cancer treatment and related services, using a State-of-the-Art facility coupled with Seamless Healthcare Value-Added Services for patients.

It is an established fact that promptness of medical services in disease like cancer matters the most to an extent that it can impact treatment outcomes. Unfortunately, infrastructure in India has not developed in a manner to cater to all cancer patients in the most efficient way leaving a need gap which we intend to fulfil by our genuine attempt through Mumbai Oncocare Center.

We are a first of its kind, the largest chain of Cancer daycare centers for cancer treatment, currently operating at six locations in Mumbai and 6 locations in Nashik, Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Nagpur and one in Indore. Mumbai Oncocare Centre has a vision to expand soon in all major locations of India in future. We have a team of 19 highly qualified Medical Oncologists (experts in cancer medicine) with rich experience in using cancer medicines right from conventional chemotherapy to the most advanced therapies like targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Cancer medicine is most important treatment modality among other treatment options like surgery and radiation therapy for cancer. It has an important role in all stages of cancer. We have a strong team of paramedics to efficiently handle and deliver these medicines, monitor & appropriately manage predictable & unpredictable complications.

Currently we have a rich experience of delivering over 30,000 chemotherapies & other advanced cancer treatments every year and we have touched lives of more than 1,25,000 patients so far. producing best results in many of our patients relative to their pattern & extent of disease. Our systems follow zero compromise in critical patient services offering the best treatment experience, thereby aiming for best treatment results. We treat our patients using collective expertise of associate surgeons and radiation therapy physicians therefore, patient is advised tailormade treatment option to only suit their specific needs for cancer treatment.