8 Healthier Ordering Options at Indian Restaurants.

According to registered dietitian Madhu Gadia, RD, CDE, of Iowa and author of The Indian Restaurants near me in Markham, a thali frequently consists of three to four curries, as well as rice, roti, yoghurt, chutney, vegetable crudités, and various side dishes. “I’ll ask what kinds of curries are available and if a creamy curry can be swapped out for another dish. If not, I’ll just have two bowls of the same non-creamy curry or another helping of salad. A thali dinner may be very substantial, but Gadia advises that you can always pack up the leftovers to enjoy at home later.
Naan (flatbread baked in a tandoor oven) is usually served with meals, but since it is typically made from refined flour, it is best to only eat a small amount of it. The same is true for the deep-fried potato-filled pastries known as pakoras and samosas (chickpea-battered and deep-fried onions or veggies).
examined by a doctor
The eggplant used to make baingan bharta is roasted in the oven, skinned, and mashed before being cooked with spices, garlic, and tomatoes.

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