“I’ve Never Wished So Much Pain On A Person Before”: People Share What Ruined Their Wedding

My sister is the bride of all brides…nothing fazed her.

The day before her wedding she went to pick up her dress where it was being hemmed and the tailor ruined it. It was unwearable and she had to grab an off the rack dress that mostly fit her.

Then during the pictures my 3 month old son had diarrhea all down my bridesmaids dress, down my stockings and into my shoes. It was 10 minutes before the ceremony.

We had to wash out and iron dry the dress, I had planned to nurse the baby before the ceremony but he was whisked off to be changed so I basically milked myself into the sink while the other bridesmaids were cleaning my shoes and the priest was making an announcement about the delay and my poor sister was just waiting to see what else would happen.